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Where do I start?

What is a ICO/Token Sale?

An ICO is a mixture between an IPO and crowd sale to back a million dollar idea with tokens that hold value. Holding the value of your hard-earned money and assets has never been more crucial. No Rest Labs utilizes the top full stack programmers to smooth over the process of worrying about selling or creating tokens for you and your business. 

We can create marketing sites to promote your ICO with links to a whitepaper, team, roadmap and more to help build confidence in your tokensale. Our top digital marketing analysts will assure we reach the intended target audience. 

When leads turn into customers we can create a KYC check to fit the exact legal requirements of your tokensale. We can integrate popular KYC solutions like Jumio or create a custom one to fit your exact needs

How to Create Tokens

Before we dive into the technical aspect there are some questions to answer like the token’s name, symbol, decimal places, and the number of tokens in circulation. Then it's time to code the contract.

Lets break it down to the two most common types of tokens  

a.) Alt-coins are comprised of forking an existing blockchain such as Bitcoin or Litecoin and pre-mining the coins. Some notable examples of alt-coins forked from Bitcoin’s original code include Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Peercoin.


 b.) Meta-coin use an existing coins infrastructure to add features without modifying the source code. A common practice is building a smart contract on Ethereum for example an ERC-20 or NEO/NEP5 and generating a predetermined token amount.

ICO Parameters

It’s important to establish a start and end date with a hard/soft cap that make sense. There are also other things to consider such as bonus amount and vesting or otherwise known as token lockup. These factors will all be specifically tailored to match the amount that is being raised, the purpose, and volume of participants.

ICO Dashboard

Users buy tokens via an ICO dashboard. This is the portal where users will be able to exchange the currency of choice for your coin. Which users will be allowed to participate is a key step in ensuring a successful and most importantly legal fund-raise. Several options are available for KYC planning. One is to integrate a third party software or build one. The expected volume is heavily contingent on the price of using a third party background check. No Rest Labs can provide this as a custom built service.

What's next?

By the end of the our first sprint we now have a shiny new token and a user friendly manager approved ICO dashboard. The next question that comes to mind is where are the tokens going to be stored? No Rest Labs developers are expert craftsmen at making digital wallets. Take a look at our next product, wallet design to explore the next step of storing cryptocurrency.

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