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How to Turn an Idea Into Reality

Finally the idea clicked for a brilliant blockchain solution. A problem no one else has tackled! There’s only one roadblock in the way from introducing this ground breaking technology- technical skill or perhaps a powerhouse of engineers and digital marketing analysts to get the product to launch. That’s where we come in. No Rest Labs specializes in building applications for startups and ensuring their success.

First order of business into making dreams a reality is defining a clear roadmap. We need to see your vision to understand exactly how to implement our resources to help. Next, it’s important to understand our workflow as well. There’s a method to the madness and we’ve defined the steps to the development process as a guide:


Stop. Collaborate and Listen.

1. Initial introduction

2. Signing an NDA

3. Sharing a code repository and other useful materials with us 

4. Preparing estimates (optional) 

5. Signing a contract 

6. Development



Before we embark on this journey there are some key points we need to dial in. When we first get in touch be ready go over many questions. Don’t be alarmed as this is not an interrogation but a way to gauge if we are a good fit. We’d like to get to know you and make sure we have the means to help.

A typical conversation consists of:

and a pitch that answers:

  • What problem would this solve?
  • Who experiences this problem (who is your target market)?
  • What distinguishes you from competitors?

  • How do you plan to make money from it?
  • What is the current stage of your product?
  • What does your current team look like?

  • What are your milestones for the next 3 months?


Next, a technical deep-dive will help us get an idea of what kind of developers and how many of them you'll need. We will start off by asking some basic questions:


  • When would you like to start? 
  • How many developers do you think you ne
  • What is your scope of work?
  • What is your budget? 


Next steps: 
After a conversation you will receive a summary, along with an outline of required documents – If, after speaking with us, you like our offer and wish to proceed to the next step, we will arrange an in depth architecture review.

Planning for Success

The gears are in motion for the project to get done. Coming up with a brilliant concept and finding a team to execute it though is only half the battle. Especially in the beginning, the project will require guidance and clear direction. Start off by thinking of exactly what you aim to accomplish. Gather information on who will use your product why. We encourage as much information including notes, drawings, flow charts, references to similar business models, anything that helps us help you define a clear framework to build around.

This step is the most important stepping stone to lead us down a path of creating software that matches your vision in a quick cost-effective manner.

In the later stages of development each new feature will require you to sign off on. In order to avoid costly mistakes of allocating resources in the wrong place it’s important to understand the final product inside and out. Allow plenty of time for planning before the start date to dial in any expectations.

It is essential for both sides to have a common understanding of, and agreement on, that at No Rest Labs we work on a time and materials basis. What this means practically speaking, is that you have to pay for each hour of development. Past experience has proven time and time again that initial leadership will pave the way for long-term success.


Moving forward with the development process we will have an in depth technical review of what tools we will be using for each feature. If there’s a particular framework, language, or tool you would like us to use that’s fine given that it is not obsolete.

Although our developers are self-sufficient and require no training on the technical aspect of things it is expected that you lead the project unless otherwise agreed upon.

We will establish a routine check in with a developer from the project to review progress, and answer any questions that come up from both parties. In addition, you will have a main point of contact to relay any changes or concerns that come up outside of scheduled meeting times. This point of contact will be your liaison to ensure that communication is clear and ongoing.


One of the contracts we will send is a Statement of Work that outlines our main objectives to accomplish and an estimate of how many hours each will take. Please note that when working on dynamic projects hours are subject to change. In the world of software that is a common and unavoidable occurrence. In every case it is our commitment to work diligently towards our timeline goals.

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