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Open Source Multi-Chain Block Explorer and API

MouseXplore is a block explorer supporting multiple currencies, tokens and other content. Using a standard interface, users can browse  distinctly different blockchains on a single explorer. Additionally, load transactions, get balance and submit transaction APIs are exposed, allowing users to rapidly develop 

applications against these.

Deploy a copy for yourself to add your own currency, list a token or power an API wallet!

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Supported Cryptocurrencies:

Bitcoin | Ethereum | Stellar | Neo | Litecoin

Tech Stack: ReactJS | MongoDB | NodeJS

Project Details: Github

Project Lead @gedanziger | Backend Lead @oleg-baturov | Frontend/UI/UX @sos0 | Frontend @crazydev71 | Backend @whitesky77658 | Backend @ohtayoshida

Simple Open Source KYC solution

MouseKYC is a simple solution to integrate KYC into your 

ICO or exchange. Easily integrated into popular dashboards, 

users can fork and deploy this to take users through a 

document submission process. Administrators may approve 

documents or request review, sending results through a 

custom domain.

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Tech Stack: ReactJS | MongoDB | NodeJS | Tesseract

Project Details: Github

Project Lead: @gedanziger | Backend Lead @oleg-baturov

Frontend @evgenyvoronov

Native Multi-Coin SDKs for Android and iOS

Add a simple SDK to an application in Android and iOS to handle mnemonic generation, address derivation (multiple currencies), balance sync (SPV where possible), and submitting transactions.

Integrate any or all of the supported currencies into your application using the Wallet SDK or use our reference wallet to view them. It’s simple to get your app cryptocurrency-ready!

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Tech Stack: Java | Swift

Project Details: Github

Project Lead @gedanziger | iOS Lead @bdavid68 | Android Lead @redrose218

Simple Multi-Chain Wallet

MouseWallet is a simple multi-chain wallet native on Android and iOS. It supports Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Stellar and NEO blockchains inside the wallet, keeping balance from each of them.

It features mnemonic-generated seeds and wallets across the different currencies.

Tech Stack: Android | iOS

Project Lead @gedanziger | iOS @oleg-baturov | Android @evgenyvoronov

Release Date:

Android: Estimated July 2018

iOS: Estimated July 2018

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Web Wallet and Other Utilities

Web Wallet features an Ethereum wallet adopted from an open-source project to allow easily connecting to testnet and livenet. Additionally, it has multi-chain address derivation features from a mnemonic.

Tech Stack: ReactJS

Project Lead @gedanziger | Utilities @crazydev71 | Utilities @evgenyvoronov

Release Date:

Estimated July 2018

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