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Why Blockchain Payment Integration?

A blockchain payment integration allows for fast, secure, and low cost payment processing internationally. An immutable ledger of transaction data is shared across multiple servers ensuring authentication of data between customer and vendor.

 We can integrate major payment and exchange services to help you accept cryptocurrency, or assist you with creating your own. We have experience working with, bitpay, braintree and other popular services. Additionally, we can assist customers with a payment flow to accept a currency not on that list, or their own new one.

 Instant Transactions: Using a decentralized payment system that accepts cryptocurrencies allows developers to receive payments directly in their wallets. This overcomes the difficulties with cash flow, where a user payment can experience a delay.

Affordable Transaction Fees: Since a decentralized payment does not suffer from the same inefficiencies of a centralized system, transaction fees will only get cheaper as more individuals join the market and the system is optimized.


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