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April 3, 2018

Where to Find Blockchain Developers

Hire blockchain developers is much harder than it should be, given the industry hype. With large amounts of funding being raised, interesting technology and enticing salaries, it is very surprising that large amounts of engineers have not already gravitated to the industry. With an order of magnitude of free jobs and a fraction of that number in developers, engineers can take their pick of projects. There are, however, a few good sources to hire blockchain developers:

Reach Blockchain Developers in Your Network

After working on a few projects or in a few different blockchain companies, anyone will probably make a few developer contacts. They can be great to work with – you will know that you work well together from previous projects and have seen them deliver code in the past. However, given the current state of the industry, you will have to make a very good case for them to work on your project above any other. With the small number of blockchain developers and a large number of potential projects and a number of nuances when launching a successful ICO, it is hard to hire more than a handful of engineers this way. While this might work for the first few hires, it is very difficult to recruit an entire engineering team this way.

Hire a Blockchain Development Team

Another option to get more developers quickly is working with an engineering team. This can offer engineers with skill sets specific to your project, without an intensive job search and hiring process. Working with a team will help keep you up on the latest industry trends, as the team will often have at least one member with experience in some new industry technology. When working with a team like No Rest Labs, you can find the right skills and size of development team for your project.



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