June 4, 2018

Simple RESTful Chaincode

The hyperledger fabric blockchain is a very promising solution for a public/permissioned blockchain, primarily for use with businesses. Chaincode allows for controlled updates of state and easily verified code execution and publication. While all of this is very promising, it lacks the large developer community behind ethereum/solidity. While this is largely due to ethereum’s first-mover advantage in smart contracts, there is also a wealth of tools and resource in the Ethereum project that make development easier. However, fabric is gaining the tools and developer documentation to make implementation much easier.

Similar to the large amount of Solidity open-source contracts, the hyperledger project is publishing more samples and frameworks to simplify development. One of the more recent of these is Hyperledger Composer, a layer that sits on top of Fabric. It allows users to generate chaincode, business networks and a swagger interface from just nodejs source files. With the introduction of convention-over-configuration practices such as this one, the hyperledger project is taking steps to more simply allow rapid development of business blockchain solutions.

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