blockchain development company

Genji Sakamoto


Smart contract developer with high skill of solidity, Go lang, ethereum, bitcoin, web3js, bitcoin js.

Develop and deploy smart contracts for several projects such as,, etc.
I have almost 20 year experience of software deveopment.
I worked as a core developer, team leader and project leader of many projects and published many projects.

Development History:

-Windows and Linux system projects and had participated many projects such as desktop security project, Virus vaccine, driver and system service, desktop applications with high skill of C/C++, Assembly, python, and Visual studio, QT, service and driver development.

-Mobile development and made many IOS and Android applications and games with skills of Objective-C, Swift, Android, java, swift, cocos2d/2dx

-Participates ICO projects and provide smart contract and wallet app for crowd sale, buying, transfering include ERC20 token.